COVID PReCautions

and Worship Service PLANs

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing path of 2020/2021 and COVID precautions, we will continue with what we've been doing in recent months since re-opening the church. Three services on Sunday mornings at 8:15, 9:30 & 11am (no on-sight Sunday School gatherings or children and youth ministries at this time).  Livestream service at 11am on Sundays, as well as our Mid-Week Livestream Bible study message at 6:30pm on Wednesdays.  Right now, our 9:30am service is the least attended, so if you’ve been thinking about a time to return (only if you are ready and/or able) maybe the 9:30am service would be a good starting place for you.

Thank you for your continued faithful giving and service to our Lord through these adjusted times.


God Bless,

Pastor James


FBC's COVID Precautions & Worship Service Plans


In our attempt to assist our church family and any who may visit with us as we begin to come back into the facility for worship and fellowship we offer the following ...

#1 - Please wait until at least 15 minutes before the service you are attending begins before entering the building.  
(We know how anxious everyone is to get back together but we want to do it as safely as possible)

#2 - Masks are encouraged (per CDC guidelines).

#3 - Please maintain the suggested 6 feet spacing.  Please refrain from handshakes & hugs.

#4 - When service is over, please exit the building and fellowship outside (weather permitting)

#5 - If you need to walk as short a distance as possible, please plan on parking near the sanctuary entrance and
use the front door.  Then please sit on the left side of the sanctuary (facing the pulpit).
If you can walk a
little further please consider parking near the fellowship hall and enter from that door and sit on the
right side of the sanctuary facing the front (pulpit area). 

#6 - There will be no passing of the offering plates. Offering plates will be in identified positions.

#7 - No printed material will be exchanged (bulletins, note-takers, fliers, etc.)

#8 - Disinfecting stations will be identified.

#9 - Please no drinks in the sanctuary at this time.  (If you need water in the sanctuary, we will provide
bottled water) 

#10 - Services will be shorter than usual for the time being.  As we learn the number of services necessary to
accommodate everyone, we will operate on a trial and error system as we figure the process out.

#11 - No Sunday School classes at this time (Zoom classes should continue though times may need adjusting)
TEACHERS, we need your help on this one.  In order for your class to be able to participate in Sunday School
(via zoom) and to make it to church it may be necessary to adjust your class times to make sure enough
time is allowed for everyone to get to the service they choose.  Obviously our 11:00 service will be limited
as well as the others so keep that in mind.  Thank you for helping us with this.

#12- No child care or Children’s Church at the present time.

We will regularly revisit these items and adjust as soon as possible as we continue to maintain the safety of everyone concerned.

Your understanding, patience and support are greatly appreciated!